Why give up on WordPress for Ghost CMS

Why give up on WordPress for Ghost CMS

Have you ever been using WordPress and face its challenges including its complicity? Have you ever looked for a WordPress alternative that can work better than it does? Here we go, Ghost is medicine and Yanfoma is a doctor!

Without boring you, I want to go straight to the reasons why you have to move from WordPress to Ghost:

  • Ghost is simple, modern, and smart than WordPress.
  • Ghost is faster. If you are tired of WordPress’s loading time, you have to move to Ghost.
  • Ghost’s dashboard is straightforward to understand but WordPress is not because its dashboard has a lot more options.
  • Ghost comes with more updated tools needed to modify and improve your blog, and this gives it a beautiful appearance to you and your business. Differently, WordPress has only the basic blogging tools and you cannot easily modify your site as many times as you want.
  • Ghost has search engine optimization and social sharing functions so that it facilitates people to find and share information from your blog easily.

The above-mentioned points are a few of the benefits of using Ghost but really people who have already migrated to it have experienced more and more. We recommend you to migrate from WordPress to Ghost and start living a modernized, easy, smart, cheap, flexible, and secure platform.

Lastly, the process from WordPress to Ghost is not complicated but assistance may be needed if you are not familiar with that domain! If so, we are here for you. Remember Ghost is medicine then Yamfoma a doctor! Don’t hesitate to contact us. We deliver timely service and your content is 100% maintained if still needed.